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We’re glad to help women with image issues. Silvia contacted us when she noticed her hair had started falling and becoming weaker . She became worried and requested our professional opinion to solve it.

She came to our salon and, first of all, we assessed the state of her scalp and reviewed her hair care routine.

Her hair isn’t dyed and it doesn’t undergo aggressive cuticle treatments. Her scalp had some flakiness and dirt but nothing alarming.

We decided to prescribe a cosmetic tratment to be carried out at home. However, before starting treatment, we wished to exfoliate her scalp so that it would be more permeable and receptive to treatment and its effects. Taking care of our scalp is essential to our hair being in the best condition.

In the case of Silvia, whom we admire as a make-up artist, we wanted to strengthen her hair and improve her look. Exfoliation will prevent her hair from sticking to the root, offering more volume to her styling.

The hair – loss prevention actives included in the treatment, together with the restructuring actives, provide the target ingredients that will make Silvia’s treatment a success. Silvia will be assessed in person again in 15 days and the formula will be adjusted as needed.

Furthermore, we recommend visiting your doctor if you notice that your hair is starting to fall. The doctor can prescribe a blood test to determine whether you have a deficiency that may be causing hair loss. The aim is always to treat the root cause of alopecia. Cosmetics only support the main treatment.

Have you noticed your hair falling? Have you ever cleaned your scalp?

Book an appointment with our professional staff for an assessment.



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